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Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program

On-call Scientists


Launched in October 2008, On-call Scientists connects scientists interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge with human rights organizations that are in need of scientific expertise.


Scientists have much to contribute to the work being undertaken by human rights organizations, national human rights institutions, and United Nations field offices throughout the world. On-call Scientists was created to facilitate such contributions. Through On-call Scientists, human rights organizations gain access to vital technical assistance to enhance their work and scientists have the opportunity to contribute to and gain a better understanding of human rights.


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We welcome behavioral, life, physical, and social scientists, as well as engineers, technicians, medical professionals, and public health practitioners. In addition, we welcome human rights organizations to submit requests for scientific assistance.

Please join On-call Scientists and help expand science in the service of human rights at home and around the world.

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On-Call Scientists
Requests from Human Rights Organizations 
On-Call Scientists Matched with Human Rights Organizations

*SRHRLP expresses its thanks to GISCorps, a pioneer in organizing scientists in the service of non-profits, for its invaluable help and guidance.
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